As a small and progressive company, we consider flexibility and a strong customer minded orientation a priority. 

The positive feedback from our customers confirms Emulco is a much appreciated business partner.

Laboratory & formulation services

To ensure the high quality standard of your product, we constantly analyze raw materials and finished products in our lab during the production process. Our laboratory has all equipment needed to conduct the necessary analysis. This includes as pH-value, water content, density, viscosity, particle size, FT-IR and rheology measurements. Emulco collaborates with certified laboratories for more in-depth analysis like gas chromatographic analysis, UV-Vis-spectroscopy and HPLC. All results are documented and Certificates of Analysis are issued per manufacturing batch.

Our Emulco R&D team develops formulations and re-formulations in close cooperation with our customers. On request our chemical, analytical and technical know-how is at your disposal for all your needs.

We are recognized and respected as a reputable emulsification specialist. Third party research projects are being executed  for a wide array of requests and challenges from our customers. From lab embryonic ideas to full production level…. We are open for your challenge!

Manufacturing services

Emulco Ghent Seaport Toll/Contract Manufacturing

Emulco has a one-of-a-kind, three-tier lab to pilot to production facility. Our plant is suited for specific needs in  various volumes, from a few kilograms to a single IBC or to bulk full truck loads. Our unique array of chemical processing equipment and process expertise, coupled with years of  experience, helps you to reduce cost and shorten your product development cycle. We can service both startup customers with no or limited  manufacturing capabilities and established, market leading chemical producers.

We have the ability to provide laboratory and feasibility research, process development, multi-tiered scale-up from pilot to commercial quantities as well as quality assurance, storing and supply chain.

Our plant has a  15.000 MT  manufacturing capacity  under one roof with our equipment arranged in modular manufacturing cells, which provides flexibility. Our plant engineering staff is available to reconfigure our equipment, or install customer supplied equipment in a unique cell to accommodate your specific requirements.

Projects are typically conducted under confidentiality agreements to protect customer intellectual property.

Manufacturing of Liquids

Emulco can homogenize, emulsify, disperse, blend and mix (Liquid/liquid or liquid/solid).

We have the capabilities to handle raw materials and produce mixtures with viscosities up to 15.000 cPs at  160°C.

Our plant is located on the terminal of STT (Sea Tank Terminal) in Ghent Sea Port with direct access to water and railway.

Quality assurance

Corresponding manufacturing reports document every step of any processed orders. All materials pass an entry control as well as routine checks during the manufacturing process. Outgoing goods need to pass an examination to have a final quality release. This structured reporting allows us to backtrack used materials and constantly improve quality.