About us

The Emulsion Company

Specialized in high-end and complex emulsions based on EPDM, PIB and bio materials.

Who we are

Emulco is “The Emulsion Company”, specialized in high-end and complex emulsions such as  EPDM, PIB and bio emulsions for the wood, food packaging, construction, cosmetics, chemical and textile industries. Headquartered in Ghent, Belgium, we can serve and assist customers all over the world. With our smart, deep knowledge & know-how as THE emulsion specialist, we offer innovative and sustainable products to our customers. Emulco strives to co-create a more sustainable world, protecting the earth by the way people live, eat, care and dress.

Whether it’s a, simple, complex, bio ,- mineral or -polymer based molecule, we are always considering if we can turn the molecule into a stable water based emulsion. Our message to the market is simple and bold: Challenge us if you have needs or ideas!

At Emulco, a stable team of highly skilled and dedicated people is taking care of your products or your projects.

Tech transfer or license -business to remote customers (or remote locations) is equally something we gladly consider as transporting water all over the globe is not or aim.

Founded in 2005

Developing and producing high-end emulsions.

Our background

Emulco was founded in Belgium in 2005 to develop high-end emulsions, invest in advanced R&D for emulsion technology and perform lab activities for third parties as well as to explore additional research and development possibilities for worldwide customers. Over the past decade, the company has grown steadily to become a well-respected R&D centre with profound knowledge in emulsification techniques and formulation of high-end emulsions.

Today, Emulco’s strong focus is on developing and producing innovative and high value products that will ensure consistent double digit growth for the years to come. To complement the R&D activities, Emulco invested in 2014 in a state-of-the-art pilot plant and a complete new emulsion factory with capacity for industrial volumes.

Range of new and innovative emulsions

We are open for your challenges!


Thanks to our highly skilled and dedicated research team, Emulco has managed to generate a range of completely new and innovative emulsions. This resulted in new as well as pending patents.

Moving away from commodity emulsions and focusing on durable, sustainable and smart solutions, Emulco has managed to distinct itself in a fast moving market. We specialize in high-end and complex emulsions such as  EPDM, PIB and bio emulsions for the wood, food packaging, construction, cosmetics, chemical and textile industries.

A complete range of new bio wax emulsions is currently introduced into several markets to replace mineral based wax emulsions.

High complexity water based emulsions such as Polyisobutylene(PIB) and Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer (EPDM) are a result of intensive research and offer new and alternative possibilities in multiple markets without the use of mineral and harmful solvents.

Being recognized and respected as a reputable emulsification specialist, third party research projects are being executed for a wide array of requests and challenges from our customers. From lab embryonic ideas to full production level…. We are open for your challenges!

Sustainable emulsions

Replacing harmful mineral material with a range of bio alternatives.


In a permanent quest to reduce our carbon footprint, we are focusing to develop new and sustainable emulsions based on renewable bio molecules where possible. Where today, some mineral molecules are still technically irreplaceable, Emulco’s water based emulsions manage to replace the use of harmful and toxic solvents by a greener and environment friendlier alternative for their industrial applications.

We understand your business.

As a partner in your value chain, we strive to combine our emulsions in your processes to improve costs and quality.

Solution driven

As practical as can be, we strive to improve performances and processes on industrial scale of our customers.

Emulco provides its customers with a full service offering, comprising research and development, pilot upscaling and industrial production.