Fractagator® is a novel and patented emulsification device based on fractal mixing and allowing continuous emulsification process. It makes use of specially designed static mixer units to create symmetric flow patterns, similar to the baker’s transformation. It uniquely enables emulsion processing in a continuous manner. Current emulsification methods are limited to batch production. Fractagator® allows an uninterrupted production flow. The plug-and-play Fractagator® realizes an important energy reduction during the entire production process compared to traditional systems.
The Fractagator can be engineered to include temperature process parameters and even an in-line cooling step so that emulsion can exit the Fractagator® at the desired temperature setting allowing the finished emulsion to be packed or stored in bulk tanks right away.


Fractagator® is developed to produce oil-in-water emulsions of polymers or high viscous oils. Polymers or oils with viscosities ranging from 10 up to 1600 Pa.s (at the processing temperature) have successfully been emulsified in a continuous manner. Fractagator® is an ideal tool for companies and sectors needing continuous emulsification, such as the food, cosmetics, chemical and para-pharmacy industries.

Technical specifications

• Continuous emulsification
• Monodisperse, submicron droplets possible
• Low energy consumption compared to turbulent emulsification techniques

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