AquaVeg emulsions are water-based emulsions from vegetable waxes. Originated from widely available triglycerides, these water caried emulsions are a sustainable and green alternative for mineral wax emulsions, being biodegradable and with zero VOC emissions.


AquaVeg emulsions can be used in a broad range of applications. Applications where a green solution is preferred, AquaVeg can replace the usual mineral wax emulsions. The possibilities are numerous: wood industry (MDF, PB, OSB, CLT, LVL…)*, paper industry (food contact paper, wrapping, coatings, …), cosmetic world, agrochemical industry, inks, anti-corrosion, … and many more.
Choosing for AquaVeg emulsions is choosing for a greener end product.

* Medium Density Fiberboard, Particle Board, Oriented Strand Board, Cross-Laminated Timber, Laminated Veneer Lumber

Technical specifications

Vegetable waxes:
Melting point: range between 32-86°C
Hardness (needle penetration, 50g, 0.1 mm, 25°C): 0.5-30
Aquaveg emulsions:
Dry matter content: 40-50%
Anionic and cationic
Food contact or Industrial grades available

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