AquaPib® emulsions are patented water-based low viscosity emulsions based on the polyisobutylene (PIB) molecule. PIB is available in many molecular weights. Emulco is capable of emulsifying PIB up to a molecular weight of 85.000g/mol.
AquaPib® can be obtained from Mass Balance vegetable sources as well.


AquaPib® has many potential applications. It forms an excellent water vapor barrier, remains flexible at extremely low temperatures (Tg -60°C) and has excellent adhesion properties on almost all materials except for silicones.
These emulsions can be used as a sealant, as an adhesive or coating. It’s used as an anti-corrosion additive as well as a construction chemical.

Technical specifications

Molelcular weight: 1.000- 85.000 g/mol
Optionally blended with waxes, EPDM and resins
AQUAPIB® emulsions:
Dry matter content:
50-60% (liquid)
75% (paste)
Anionic, nonionic and cationic
Food contact or Industrial grades

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