AquaPol® MRT55 is a water-based low viscosity emulsion of EPDM.
AquaPol® MRT55 is a very nice result of Emulco’s emulsification technology and the expertise of our USA based EPDM supplier/producer Lion Elastomers. This extraordinary molecule can be combined with a cross-linker and as a result a water based emulsion converts into a solid EPDM membrane. This water based system allows the user to replace a solvent based problem with a water based solution. Much better for the environment and the user.


As EPDM is a widely used product, the emulsion has a broad potential. As a construction coating, roofing membrane or as a barrier coating that provides air, water or chemical impermeability. It can be used as well as an anti-corrosive coating.
AquaPol® MRT55 combines the potential of EPDM with sustainability and has the extra benefit of being easy to apply.

Technical specifications

Molar weight: 47.000 g/mol
Crosslinkable with metal dryers, peroxides or UV light
AquaPol® emulsions:
Dry matter content:
50-60% (liquid)
75% (paste)
Anionic, nonionic and cationic

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