Home in many markets, Emulco keeps an open eye on industrial evolution and revolutions to come.

Bio-emulsions are the only way forward!

Replacing mineral waxes with bio-waxes is a win for the consumers as well as the wood industry.

The wood industry

For producers of Medium Density Fiberboard, Particle Board, Oriented Strand Board, Cross-Laminated Timber, Laminated Veneer Lumber, Emulco’s AquaVeg water-based bio emulsions are a perfect alternative for mineral wax emulsions. Using AquaVeg is choosing for a greener and more sustainable end product, with zero VOC emissions and a superior market value.

New products as a solution for carbon reduction.

The building industry is facing huge challenges. Our state-of-the-art polymer emulsions are part of the solution.

The construction sector

Emulco provides revolutionary solutions for the construction sector, that can be used  as construction coatings, barrier coatings for air,  -water or radon gas,  or as a roofing membrane. Emulco’s AquaPib® and AquaPol® MRT55 are water-based low viscosity emulsions of respectively PIB and EPDM. Combined with a cross-linker, Aquapol® MRT55 produces a water based emulsion convert into a solid EPDM membrane, perfectly suited for roofing and coating applications.

For applications including sealants, adhesives or coatings used in construction, Emulco offers AquaPib®, patented water-based low viscosity emulsions based on the polyisobutylene (PIB) molecule.

Replacing mineral coatings.

Customer awareness is forcing the paper industry to reconsider the use of mineral coatings with bio coatings in a quest to preserve our environement and oceans.


Thanks to Emulco, paper wrappings -and coatings can be treated with a sustainable, bio-degradable and green solution, Emulco’s AquaVeg  water-based bio emulsions. AquaVeg is not only a perfect alternative for mineral wax emulsions, but also replaces the need to use plastics.

The use of micro-plastics in cosmetics is close to its end!

Water-based bio-emulsions are gradually being introduced in the cosmetic industry as a viable alternative to micro-plastics, and reducing the plastic soup in our oceans.


Cosmetics products such as cremes become more sustainable, bio-degradable and green when combined with Emulco’s AquaVeg water based emulsions. It’s good for the user’s body and good for the planet’s health.

PIB, is widely used in the cosmetics industry due to its incredible barrier properties and its natural flexibility. The water based alternative offers cosmetic industries the ease of use of a ready to use water based alternative, while eliminating the need to use organic solvents to bring the PIB into a workable material. It offers wide possibilities in the range of Skin care products and moisturizing creams.

Food packaging undergoes fundamental changes.

Regulations and consumers are banning plastic packaging creating opportunities for bio-coated paper alternatives to pack their food.

Food & beverage

Food wrappings are often made of plastic, or of paper treated with mineral wax emulsions. With Emulco’s AquaVeg. AquaVeg is a sustainable, bio-degradable and green solution, perfectly suited for food & beverage companies that take the health of the planet and the quality of their products seriously.

Emulco’s AquaPib®, provides food producers with a water based emulsion. PIB offers excellent water, vapor and gas barrier properties thanks to its high molecular weight. PIB is used as the base for chewing gum, proving that food contact is clearly not an issue.

A new coating range emerges from our R&D center.

Novel water-based emulsions are being sucessfully introduced in new markets with the aim to improve sustainability.


For all products needing a coating, such as wood panels, wood based construction materials (CLT, LVL,…), paper, steel, Piping & fittings, crop protection and many more Emulco offers a wide range of coating formulations based of mineral and vegetal molecules. 

AquaPib®, patented water-based low viscosity emulsions based on the polyisobutylene (PIB) molecule, AquaPol hyperlink naar AquaPol and AquaVeg. hyperlink naar AquaVeg

Emulco’s revolutionary AquaPol® is a water-based low viscosity emulsion of EPDM. Combined with a cross-linker, AquaPol® MRT55 emulsion  (based on Lion Elastomer EPDM) converts into a solid EPDM membrane, perfectly suited for coating applications, such as roofing membranes, piping & fitting, tire & rubber industry solutions.

AquaPib can be used to safely apply PIB while deleting the use of mineral solvents.

Crop protection

Crops need protection against several threads from flying and crawling insects. Traditional industry standards often provides some solutions. Emulco’s AquaPib® and AquaVeg can be a suitable alternative for solvent based applications. A sprayable water based emulsion is more sustainable, and much easier to use.

Experience and knowledge are combined in our factory.

Several production techniques are at your disposal for blending, mixing and homogenizing your products under toll manufacturing agreements at Emulco.

Industrial formulations

Emulco’s factory setup offers a great production flexibility and is suitable for a wide array of industrial liquids to be produced.

A team of skilled colleagues gladly takes care of your production needs. Mixing, blending, toll manufacturing are feasible in our factory.