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High end emulsions

Emulco is “The Emulsion Company”, specialized in high-end -and complex emulsions such as EPDM, PIB and bio emulsions for the wood, food packaging, construction, cosmetics, chemical and textile industries.

Our products


AquaVeg emulsions are water-based emulsions from vegetable waxes. Originated from widely available triglycerides, these water caried emulsions are a sustainable and green alternative for mineral wax emulsions, being biodegradable and with zero VOC emissions.


AquaPib® emulsions are patented water-based low viscosity emulsions based on the polyisobutylene (PIB) molecule. PIB is available in many molecular weights. Emulco is capable of emulsifying PIB up to a molecular weight of 85.000g/mol.
AquaPib® can be obtained from Mass Balance vegetable sources as well.


AquaPol® MRT55 is a water-based low viscosity emulsion of EPDM.
AquaPol® MRT55 is a very nice result of Emulco’s emulsification technology and the expertise of our USA based EPDM supplier/producer Lion Elastomers. This extraordinary molecule can be combined with a cross-linker and as a result a water based emulsion converts into a solid EPDM membrane. This water based system allows the user to replace a solvent based problem with a water based solution. Much better for the environment and the user.


Fractagator® is a novel and patented emulsification device based on fractal mixing and allowing continuous emulsification process. It makes use of specially designed static mixer units to create symmetric flow patterns, similar to the baker’s transformation. It uniquely enables emulsion processing in a continuous manner. Current emulsification methods are limited to batch production. Fractagator® allows an uninterrupted production flow. The plug-and-play Fractagator® realizes an important energy reduction during the entire production process compared to traditional systems.

Emulco services

Laboratory & formulation services

To ensure the high quality standard of your product, we constantly analyze raw materials and finished products in our lab during the production process.

Manufacturing services

Emulco has a one-of-a-kind, three-tier lab to pilot to production facility. Our plant is suited for specific needs in various volumes, from a few kilograms to a single IBC or to bulk full truck loads.

Quality assurance

Corresponding manufacturing reports document every step of any processed orders.